About TLC (Tomorrow's Leaders for Change)

Tomorrow's Leaders for Change is a powerful movement established to uplift, motivate and inspire people in the Fight Against Bullying & Obesity. We organize successful Community Campaigns. Our program is O.B.E.Y. Obese Becoming Energized Youth™ and Overcome Bullying Excite You™.The goal is to educate Americans about these topics, ways to combat the issues & equip you to make adequate life choices. It is owned and operated by an Author and Visionary, Tina Pool that's a bullying Phentermine survivor of ten years. TLC will provide more than "Sound" bites but real "Solutions" toward a winning outcome!

Focus areas:

1. Building character, confidence & esteem
2. Building positive relationships
3. Social weight loss development
4. Bullying prevention
5. Obesity awareness
6. Effective leadership
7. Living a life filled with purpose

Help us fight against bullying & obesity!

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to increase awareness about bullying & obesity which are serious epidemics of school aged children and to advocate change with effective prevention strategies that will build their future success.

Quick Stats Of Our Program

  • Tomorrow's Leaders for Change has serviced hundreds of  students within 4 Nashville Metro Schools.
  • 75% of the students participated in our 1st Fitness Challenge for a combined 40lbs lost.
  • Parents of VBN network participated in our 2nd Fitness and total weight loss was 27lbs with the top winner loosing almost 11lbs in 60 days.

Tina Pool, You are a blessing to the Y "Z"program. Thank you for giving your time and talent to make a difference in the life of our young leaders of tomorrow.

-YMCA Program Director