How to Recognize, Respond & Document Bullying.

The purpose of the empowerment planner is to teach children how to cope with bullying and learn how to document incidents that are witnessed.  By doing so, documenting helps the students involved by not only communicating but how to become more empowered by taking control of their own case. If they follow this step by step plan, teachers and students will be united in the fight against bullying.

The step by step plan is as follows:

Victims exposed to bullying will document incidents, witnesses and bullies.

Students will follow up with the Teacher in private to discuss incidents.

Teacher will have to make time to follow up with bullies and alert them of their unacceptable behavior.

If the same bullies are still attacking the victim, then follow back up with teacher via email and CC parents.  Keep everyone in the loop about your case.

Allow at least a month for the case to be resolved.

If the teacher fail to act, follow up with principal.

If you're still being attacked, parents follow up with Superintendent to seek justice.

The goal is for the victim and bystander to become empowered.  They must take the 1st step to communicate the problem.  It helps with emotions because you are documenting the story, how it made you feel, and what must take place for resolution.  Allowing your voice to be heard, you're not suffering in silence.


Realize bullying isn't cool.

Exercise your rights and take a stand against bullying

Do something about the problem. Be the solution.  Document!

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